Tuesday, March 16, 2010

True School wednesdays @ Metronome : 0pen Mic

Here it is...the 1st open Mic of True School wednesdays re-structure!! bringing the community & culture back 2 hip hop...!
this will be going down once a month so stay tuned...
"leave ya 9's at home and bring your skills 2 the battle..." JERU

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

True School wednesdays @ Metronome

Come thru Metronome tonight...True School wednesdays has moved upstairs..i'll be rocking some old school & classic hip hop from 10-2...hip hop and ya don't stop!!
i'll have a couple copies of my new disc with me...hit me up!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Last weeks Mash-up show download (3/5/10)

been lagging on the radio show post...my bad!
here's last fridays...scoop it!

Record Collection 4 sale soon...

it's going down soon...all my vinyl 4 sale at BURLINGTON RECORDS by the end of the week...! hit DJADOG.BLOGSPOT.COM for more details...!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

True School wednesdays @ Metronome

Big up to all who came out in the crazy weather to check Rapper Big Pooh,Chaundon & Joe Scudda on Feb.24th...make sure to check the video if u don't know the story...on a related note..True Schoolwednesdays has moved upstairs to club Metronome.
it's lookn' fresh up there...new venue,new ideas all 2 the tune of classic & underground hip hop....18+ before 11.

Coming this Spring...

True School presents:Rapper Big Pooh

True School wednesdays presents Rapper Big Pooh @ Metronome feb.24th 2010...crazy snowstorm hit the northeast while their crew was on the way and they got into an accident on the way..couple of their crew stayed back.we were at the spot 2 greet them while they settled in,was able to get the real story from all of them..big Chaundon,Joe Scudda & Rapper Big Pooh for rocking it after the ordeal they went thru...peace!
video by:A-D0G